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5 Houston Commercial Property Curb Appeal Ideas

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The last thing you want is for your landscaping to make a negative first impression. A messy, overgrown, outdated landscape can suggest that what goes on inside your commercial property isn’t so great either.

We know you have a lot on your shoulders, but curb appeal really does matter. That’s why it may be time to partner with a commercial landscape management company that knows how to boost curb appeal.

Let’s look at 5 creative ways you can improve the curb appeal at your Houston commercial property.

1. Signage & Entrance Recommendations

Some of the first considerations that come to mind when discussing curb appeal are signage and entrances. It is what potential clients drive by day after day or residents see every time they pull into their neighborhood. Because of this, the area surrounding your signage and entrance should stand out.

For plantings, we recommend incorporating larger ‘mass’ type plantings near your signage. These installations can be seen easier from a distance and help to create a memorable first impression. The layout of plants in the landscape bed can help to accentuate architectural features on both signage and entrances. Tiering or layering plant materials can help draw attention to signage or entrances as well.

flowers and plantings near signage at commercial property

In landscape beds, create a solid base planting that is sustainable, utilizing plants like evergreens. This base planting provides interest year-round and should be freeze and drought tolerant. Native plantings tend to be the best choice as they are drought, freeze, and disease resistant, which can help your signage area look great for the long term. Perennials and grasses can be great native plant additions to your property.

Another way to draw attention to signage and the entrance is by installing hardscaping, lighting, or water features. Each of these features can catch the eye of future clients or residents and help your property look more professional.

2. Landscape Maintenance Upgrades

Landscape maintenance services aren’t exactly the most exciting way to enhance your curb appeal, but a terrific lawn and well-maintained plantings are proven to improve the exterior of your commercial property.

landscape maintenance team weeds and maintains landscape bed

A great turf care program or seasonal color changes can highlight the features of an already beautiful landscape. Protect some of the biggest assets on your property, your trees, by scheduling regular tree trimming and deep root fertilization.

Regular landscape maintenance brings your property to the next level by helping your existing landscape to shine, protecting your investment by extending the lifespan of your plantings and keeping your property safe for all.

3. Irrigation Management Improvements

Irrigation is essential for any Houston commercial property. Effective water management not only helps your property look great, it can help protect the environment and lower operating costs. Proper watering obviously keeps your grass and plantings healthy.

irrigation technician inspects sprinkler system

In order to improve curb appeal at any commercial property, an effective irrigation system is a must. We begin by inspecting your system and suggesting any necessary repairs, efficiency improvements, or implementing a smart water irrigation program.

4. Drainage Solutions

Drainage problems are one of the most unsightly issues on any commercial property. They can cause major safety concerns as well. Sloping can cause pooling of water in areas that could be used for other purposes.

standing water in grass
Drainage issues can be solved in a variety of ways, ranging from installing river rocks to planting native plants. While it may not sound exciting, remedying drainage issues can improve the usability and look of your property.

5. Permanent Fixtures for Community Use

One final ‘easy’ curb appeal fix is including permanent fixtures for visitors or residents to utilize. These fixtures could include trash cans, benches, tables, or doggie waste stations. Each of these features help to make visitors and residents more comfortable and encourages clean-up that can help your property look tidier.

landscape installation team prepares area for new tree with picnic table in background

Why Commercial Property Curb Appeal Matters

The importance of curb appeal goes beyond just an aesthetically pleasing property. A property that looks well-maintained and beautiful increases the economic value for the homeowners in your HOA or for the business you manage. It both raises home and property values and improves home and property sales.

Curb appeal that is well-planned always includes improving safety standards on the property. Visitors, homeowners, or customers are able and feel encouraged to use your property more frequently when it is easily accessible. From improving visibility to monitoring erosion and drainage issues we know safety is key in any landscape enhancement plan and a vital part of curb appeal.

flower garden and trees near curb
Finally, any landscape enhancement or property maintenance service should provide environmental value. We believe in planting a sustainable landscape that will last for years to come. An environmentally responsible landscape promotes clean air, uses water resources diligently, and helps prevent erosion.

When visitors and residents are encouraged to use outdoor spaces, everyone wins. Not only does the property end up looking great, but you do too.

Selecting the Right Houston Commercial Landscape Management Company

Great curb appeal begins with a clear plan of action. Simply adding a few plantings to a landscape bed is not a long-lasting solution to improving the look of your property.

Your commercial landscape management company should begin with a site inventory of your entire property, noting what is struggling and what is thriving. You and your landscape management company should then create an overall theme and planting pallet for the property to assist with phasing in improvements with consistency. This theme or plant pallet can be based on what is already existing on the property or what you hope the property will look like after improvements. Then the real work begins for your landscape management company.

You deserve a commercial landscape management company that is going to take the time to learn about your specific property and enact a plan that meets your needs. Attractive curb appeal means not only should your property look its best, but it should be safe and sustainable in the long term. Improving curb appeal can be as simple as performing regular landscape maintenance services or as in-depth as constructing a wall and water feature near your entrance.

If you are ready to partner with a commercial landscape management company that will devise a plan, communicate efficiently, and handle all the details, then we are here to help. Get started by filling out our consultation form. We’ll meet to learn more about your property and work together to protect your investment.

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