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Factors that Impact Commercial Landscape Maintenance Pricing

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If your commercial landscape maintenance costs have been on the rise, you might be wondering what is really going on. Considering they all seem to offer basically the same services, why are some commercial landscape maintenance companies in Houston raising their rates and others are not?

While your landscape is important to you and you know that it can add significant value to your property, is investing in commercial landscape maintenance services really worth it?

Surprisingly, the prices of commercial landscape maintenance companies in Houston vary greatly because they are not all offering comparable services. Everything from the staff they employ to the products they use, even to the contracts they send out can differ vastly.

When selecting a commercial landscape maintenance management company in Houston, there is a whole lot to consider. Let’s look at some of the main factors that impact commercial landscaping pricing so you can feel confident you are making the right choice in commercial landscape maintenance services.


Having a certified and qualified team results in a higher labor burden for commercial landscape maintenance services. In fact, our people impact the overall cost of commercial landscape maintenance services more than any other factor. Green Industry professionals with years of experience and certifications need to be fairly compensated for their skill set and knowledge.


Professionally trained team members have a direct impact on your property. Companies that are cutting corners with materials or products are likely also paying significantly less in labor costs to unqualified employees.

It is important to consider the depth of a commercial landscape maintenance team as well. More staff allows for managers to have a much smaller portfolio of accounts than usual, ensuring they have more time to spend focusing on each client. A company that invests in training and compensates its team members well will likely have the experienced staff and resources to manage your investment wisely.


While product and material costs have always been a factor in commercial landscape maintenance pricing, this year they are impacting contract pricing more than ever before. From plant materials to fuel to fertilizer, every product used on your property is costing anywhere from 20-100% more than in past years.

landscape professional places plantings to be installed

Materials are also one of the most important topics for you to ask your provider about. Professional-grade fertilizer and weed control are obviously more expensive than what your local supplier hardware store offers, and therefore, what products each company uses vary greatly. A higher-quality product is going to cost a bit more, but it will also be much more effective.


Along with material and labor, equipment costs are unfortunately on the rise. State-of-the-art landscaping equipment is expensive, however, utilizing professional-grade equipment impacts the look of your property. Newer equipment is more fuel-efficient, and overall better for the environment.


You want to make sure you select a company that not only maintains all of its equipment regularly but replaces it on an annual schedule. Some companies use worn and unsafe machinery beyond its lifespan, resulting in your property not looking as great as it should. An older and less reliable equipment fleet may not be able to meet all deliverables in a timely manner. A company’s equipment is reflective of the quality of services it offers.

Solutions to Combat Rising Commercial Landscape Maintenance Pricing

While combating increased pricing for nearly all commercial landscape services can be frustrating, there are some things you can consider and discuss with your service provider. Overall, your landscape maintenance company should be striving to provide the right and needed services to maintain the beauty of your landscape.

Simply start by asking your landscape maintenance company what is included and what is not in your scope of work. Frequent change orders can ruin any commercial company’s budget. It is easy to get roped in with a low start-up cost, but usually, that price doesn’t include all the services you actually need. Once those services are added in, your price goes from low to above what many of the other companies may have quoted you.


Look for a company that is actively managing both labor and material costs, along with varying their purchase methods and vendors in an attempt to keep increases as low as possible. For example, your landscaping team should be researching new fertilization products that may be more expensive up front, but only require two applications instead of four, helping save your bottom line. Or if your property is experiencing an issue like seasonal color frequently dying in the same area, your landscape maintenance contractor should be looking for the underlying cause, not just the symptom. Maybe the irrigation needs to be modified or an alternative plant selection needs to be installed. These small factors can make a big impact on your cost long-term.

For enhancement projects or even plant replacement, be sure you have experts carefully recommending the right plant material for the right location and for the right required maintenance. A knowledgeable team will be able to select the right plantings in the appropriate locations that fit the space and sun/shade requirements, ensuring your landscape is a long-term investment. If your budget is tight, selecting plants that need limited labor to maintain can help keep costs down in the future too.

A Final Consideration on Commercial Landscape Maintenance Costs

No commercial landscape management company can escape the consistently rising overhead costs such as people, fuel, and materials. If your current landscape contractor has not approached you to discuss how rising costs are impacting their business, it is likely they are not being transparent. Unfortunately, the contracted service industry has a bad reputation because of this type of practice.


It is important to inquire about how your landscape service provider is handling rising costs, and if it is not in part being shared with you, you may look where corners could be cut. For example, is less mulch being installed? Are visits being skipped? Is the seasonal color looking less full? Is the strength of fertilizer being diluted? Is your property not looking as green and vibrant as it typically does?

While these are not questions anyone wants to ask, it is important for the long-term health of your property to work with a landscape maintenance contractor that you can fully trust.

Selecting a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Management Team You Can Count On

The right commercial landscape maintenance company offers not only valuable services, they deliver those services every time. When you receive bids from a variety of potential landscape contractors, we know that Monarch will likely not be the lowest-priced option. Combined with the factors listed above, we believe that our quality of work speaks for itself.

At Monarch, we don’t cut corners to compete with others in the industry. The contracted services are precise, and you won’t be overwhelmed with change orders after work begins. We know that you don’t want to sacrifice the appearance and safety of your property just for a cheaper price.

Commercial landscape maintenance services are a serious investment, and you deserve landscape services that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Ultimately, we truly care about our clients and their properties.

If you are ready to partner with a commercial landscape management company that offers sustainable, long-term landscaping solutions and recommendations, then we are here to help. Get started by filling out our consultation form. We’ll meet to learn more about your property and work together to protect your investment.

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