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5 Cost-Saving Landscaping Tips for HOA Managers in Houston

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Managing an HOA budget can feel like wrangling a whole bunch of moving parts, especially when it comes to landscaping. Everyone wants a beautiful, well-maintained community, but keeping those costs in check is no small feat.

Between irrigation systems, plant replacements, and regular maintenance, the expenses can quickly add up. So how can you make your HOA’s landscaping both attractive and budget friendly?

Let’s explore five budget-friendly landscaping tips for HOAs so you can reduce the costs in your community.

5 Budget-Friendly Landscaping Tips for HOAs

Let’s explore five specific ways you can reduce landscaping costs at your HOA.

1. Smart Irrigation

A properly functioning irrigation system is crucial for maintaining landscape health here in Houston, where the climate demands consistent and effective watering. However, it is also one of the largest expenses for HOAs. 


Regular monthly inspections and approved repairs can significantly reduce overall landscaping costs by ensuring the system operates efficiently. Effective irrigation management minimizes water waste and prevents the loss of plants and trees, which can be costly to replace. 

While costly irrigation repairs are frustrating, neglecting necessary repairs can lead to increased water bills due to leaks or inefficient operation. If your irrigation system is outdated, investing in a smart irrigation system is a worthwhile consideration. These advanced system optimize water usage, potentially leading to substantial savings on water bills and reducing the frequency and cost of repairs associated with older systems. By ensuring your irrigation system is up-to-date and well-maintained, your HOA can enhance landscape health while managing expenses more effectively.

irrigation technician adjusts sprinkler head

2. Native Plantings

Native plantings can be an excellent choice when attempting to reduce landscaping costs. These plants typically require less water than non-native varieties, making them more sustainable and economical in the long run. Native plants also tend to experience fewer losses because they are already well-adapted and acclimated to the Houston climate and environment, reducing the need for constant replacements. Additionally, they are much more tolerant of pests and diseases, which can help save on plant healthcare services. 

landscape crew installs native plants at HOA

Beyond cost savings, native plants support our local ecosystem by providing habitat and food for native wildlife including birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects. This can enhance the biodiversity and ecological balance of the area, contributing to a healthier and more resilient landscape. By incorporating native plantings into your landscape design, you not only reduce landscaping costs , but also promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly community.

3. Regular Landscape Maintenance

Proper landscape and turf maintenance is essential for managing HOA landscaping costs effectively. Mowing at the appropriate height for the particular turf, treating insects and diseases timely, and regular fertilizations are all key to a healthy landscape. Consistent maintenance pruning and inspections of trees can prevent disease, which, if left unchecked, can result in the loss of valuable trees. 

landscape maintenance team mows grass at HOA

By proactively caring for both turf and trees, HOAs can avoid higher costs associated with turf replacement and tree removal. Moreover, well-maintained landscapes contribute to the overall health and aesthetic appeal of the community, potentially increasing property values and resident satisfaction. Proper maintenance practices also support the long-term sustainability of the landscape, reducing the need for costly interventions and replacements down the line.

4. Mulch Installations

Mulching regularly can help reduce landscape costs by eliminating maintenance issues and lowering maintenance contracts. Mulching helps to improve the appearance of your landscape beds and improves plant health. Mulch helps to retain the proper moisture and reduce the loss of evaporation. This helps to lower the water bill each month. 

plantings in mulch landscape bed at pool at HOA

In addition, mulch eliminates sunlight that spurs excessive weed growth in landscape beds. This helps manage HOA landscaping costs by reducing the labor needed for weed removal.

5. Choosing Perennials vs. Annuals

When selecting plantings for your HOA, opting for perennial varieties can be a wise choice. Unlike annual flowers, which only last for one season and then require removal and disposal, perennial plants and flowers typically return year after year. Although not all perennials will come back annually, the need for replacement plantings is significantly reduced. Perennials can still offer vibrant color and interesting textures, providing aesthetic appeal without incurring substantial recurring costs. 

property manager and account manager inspect perennial plantings

This long-term approach to planting not only enhances the visual appeal of your landscape but also contributes to more sustainable and cost-effective landscaping practices.

Consider Improvements when Planning for HOA Landscaping Costs

At Monarch Landscape Management, we offer each of our clients Property Improvement Plans (PIP). These PIP’s take a snapshot of the current state of your landscape, from irrigation issues to landscape beds that need updating. 

crew plants tree at HOA pool area

Each property improvement plan details items that must be done promptly to maintain your landscape successfully as well as landscape enhancement ideas for upcoming years. This plan assists HOA board members in creating a budget, planning for necessary upcoming landscape work, and communicating to residents the need for landscaping services.

Monarch Can Help Plan for HOA Landscaping Costs

To budget for the future, account managers work hand-in-hand with board members to help determine the landscaping priorities of your HOA and where investments would be most impactful on-site. 

These long term plans coupled with a well thought out 3-5 year landscape budget can help to improve your properties common areas and focal points year over year. It helps to give homeowners a sense of what each landscape enhancement project would cost and set community expectations on time frames of improvements. 

property manager and account manager inspect trees at HOA

A well-curated plan helps to foster community support behind the HOA board with what is currently happening and what will be happening in the coming months. Larger concepts can be phased over time to establish a landscape theme that is cohesive.

Selecting HOA Landscaping Services in Houston

While managing a landscape budget for an HOA can certainly be challenging, incorporating some of these budget-friendly tips can help reduce your costs. Establishing a dedicated landscaping budget enables your HOA to be prepared and organized. It ensures your landscape receives regular maintenance, timely repairs, and improvements, and prevents minor issues from escalating into expensive problems. 

Are you struggling to balance what your HOA landscape needs all while reducing landscape costs? Monarch Landscape Management is here to help. Our experienced account managers are ready to discuss how to improve and maintain your property without breaking the bank.

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